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Omelette Fines Herbs

Omelette Fines Herbs

A classic way to cook an omelette.

The most successful omelettes need the right sized pan for the job. here, a 9 inch diameter pan is perfect.

Serves 2
Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Cooking Time: 5 minutes

Herbs and Spices Required:
1/2 tsp Chives
1/2 tsp Fines Herbes

4 large or 5 medium eggs
2 tbsp butter
salt and pepper seasoning

Herbs and Spices as listed above

Cooking Instructions:
Beat the eggs with salt and pepper seasoning in a bowl until the whites and yolks are just combined. Met the butter in the pan over a medium-heat until it foams. Pour in the eggs and stir quickly with the flat end of a fork for a few seconds. Pull the egg that is starting to cook towards the middle of the pan, tilting the pan at the same time so that the uncooked egg runs to the bare bits. Sprinkle on the herbs before the omelette is completely set. Then fold the omelette in half. To do this, tip the pan away from you and with the help of a fork fold the near side towards the centre. Then fold the other side of the omelette into the centre. Then roll / slide the omelette onto a warm serving plate.

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