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Green Lentils with Mustard

Green Lentils with Mustard

A quick nutritious lentil accompaniment

Serves 4
Preparation Time:
Cooking Time: 12 minutes

Herbs and Spices Required:
1 Bouquet Garni

4 oz / 100g green lentils
4 fl oz / 1/4 pint/ 120 ml double cream
1-2 tbsp Dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste
Herbs and Spices as listed above

Cooking Instructions:
Wash the lentils and place in a saucepan with the bouquet garni and 1 pint / 570 ml water. Boil for 10 minutes then reduce to a simmer and continue cooking until the lentils are tender (but not mushy). Drain and season.

Boil the cream with the mustard for 2 minutes, then spoon over the lentils. Serve immediately.

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